As of September 15, 2021, Rebuilding Together of Central Florida operations will be temporarily suspended as our organization undergoes construction of our programs!

[Re]Building Better, Together. 

Rebuilding Together

[Re]Building Better, 


Dear Neighbor,


Rebuilding Together of Central Florida has suspended its operations as of September 15, 2021, as our organization [Re]Builds its programs to better serve you, and our community.

It is our sincere effort to serve the Central Florida community, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. 

Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay will be expanding its leadership and programs to serve the Central Florida region. Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay programs build affordable homes, offer services to renters, and more. We are excited to bring these new resources to Central Florida neighbors in need!

Click here to learn more about Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay. 

About Open Applications

This expansion of programs is made possible with the help of the Rebuilding Together National Office, and the Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay team. With so many helping hands, we expect to re-open our programs to Orange, and Seminole County residents as early as November 2021. 

At this time, Rebuilding Together of Central Florida home repair programs have been suspended, and active applications that have pre-qualified for home repair assistance have been put on hold. Homeowners that applied for Rebuilding Together of Central Florida home repair services in the years 2020-2021 will be asked to update their applications to reflect any changes, new damages, or repairs needed in their home. 

We look forward to [Re]Building Better with you!

Thank you for your patience and understanding as our organization undergoes these critical changes. We look forward to [Re]Building Better with you! 

Rebuilding Together understands the critical and timely need for home repairs in your home. Please click here for a complete list of Central Florida resources that may be able to help you. 

Connect with Us

Rebuilding Together will be transparent through this process and wishes to include input from our community in the re-structure of our programs. Share your ideas on how we can [Re]build Better Together, take a three-minute survey by clicking here or the button below. 

Click here to send us a direct message regarding questions or concerns about current applications, or application re-openings. 

Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together