At Rebuilding Together of Central Florida, we are invested in the health and safety of our Central Florida community. Since 2002 we have partnered with many community organizations and construction partners to rebuild Central Florida, one home at a time. Our work is made possible by our network of neighbors helping neighbors. 


How it started

Rebuilding Together started with the simple act of neighbors helping neighbors.
In 1973, a small group of people in Midland, Texas, realized a growing need in their community. Their neighbors’ homes had fallen into disrepair and the homeowners could not afford to fix them on their own. They volunteered their time and skills to rehabilitate the homes of their neighbors. Realizing the potential impact of this work, the group formed Christmas in April, with the intent of performing repair and rehabilitation work in their community every April.
News of the group’s good work spread slowly, but eventually achieved national recognition. The mission spread beyond the idea of providing service once a year in April to bringing together partners from all walks of life to help our neighbors year-round. We became Rebuilding Together and opened the national office in 1988. 

Rebuilding Together of Central Florida was founded in 2002. We have helped more than 600 homeowners achieve safe and healthy housing, and look forward to expanding our program offerings in 2020.





for Every neighbor in Central Florida to have a safe and healthy place to home


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