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Content Creation

Virtual Volunteer Opportunites 

Do you enjoy creating content? Want to share that content with our community? Then this is the project for you! Maybe your exceptionally good at DIY home projects, or maybe you have insight into the affordable housing crisis. Maybe you just want to tell a feel-good story about our community, or share photos of your favorite spot in your neighborhood. The fun part about creating content for Rebuilding Together is that you get to utilize your strengths and creativity! Even better, you can do it in the comfort of your own home! To participate in this project, we ask that you commit to creating at least one piece of content in its entirety. Creating content can be in the form of pictures, videos, or writing. We've created a list of topic ideas for your content, or you can think of your own! Be ready to tell us your ideas and estimated project completion date when you apply.


  • Access to a computer or smartphone, and internet 

  • A strong understanding of the topic you choose to create content on.

  • Agree to have your content shared by Rebuilding Together with credit towards you as the author. 

  • Proficient writing, video, or photography skills.

  • A desire to help others who view your content.

  • Ability to meet project deadlines.

  • Ability to create at least one piece of content in its entirety. 


  • How-to videos or blogs

    • DIY Home repair or design ​

    • How to be a good neighbor

    • How to get involved in your community

  • Social issues 

    • Affordable housing, substandard housing, housing equality​

  • Why do you volunteer, what does being a volunteer mean to you?

  • What makes your city special, or why do you love your community?

  • What makes a good neighbor?

  • Feel good stories about your community, yourself, or someone you know. 

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