Virtual Volunteer Opportunites 



Want to spread the rebuild sprit from your own home? The Virtual Community outreach volunteer helps to spread the rebuild mission to repair homes, revitalize communities, and rebuild lives through social media! Volunteers who participate in this project will be given social media kits full of graphics and messaging to share with their social network. As a bonus, virtual volunteers will have the option when the opportunity is available to distribute safe and healthy housing handouts to houses in their neighborhood. Pair your Virtual Community Outreach Project with a Content Creation Volunteer Project or Grant Research Project to go above and beyond! 


  • Computer, tablet, or smartphone  

  • Internet access 

  • Knowledge of Rebuilding Together 

  • A social media account (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) 

  • Desire to spread the Rebuild Spirit 


  • Sharing key messages and graphics from the Rebuilding Together Social Media Kit you will receive 

  • Sharing posts and events published by Rebuilding Together 

  • Pointing your social network in the right direction if they are looking to apply for assistance, or become a volunteer themselves 

  • Optional- Handing out safe and healthy home pamphlets to neighbors and friends 

(407) 898-3777