Checking Inventory

Socially Distanced Volunteer Opportunites 

Warehouse  Inventory

& Organization

*The Warehouse Inventory and Organization project is an in-person event and will require you to wear proper PPE and maintain a distance of 6-feet. Some heavy lifting may be required, and volunteers will be on their feet for long periods of time.* 

Start Date: October 2nd

End Date: November 6th

Volunteers Needed: Up to 5 per shift

Summary: During this Warehouse Inventory & Organization Project, volunteers will be assigned different roles and responsibilities such as inventory, organization, Equipement testing, restoring or refinishing furniture, and breaking down cabinets, shelves, and office cubes. Tasks will be assigned at the beginning of each shift. 


  • Strong organizational skills

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel

  • Ability to stand on your feet for long periods of time

  • Ability to lift items over 20 pounds

  • Flexible schedule 

  • Knowledge of construction or home improvement products, or the ability to research the names of the products or items.

  • Ability to work with a team

  • Ability to work efficiently with little supervision

  • Experience in inventory or warehouse management preferred


Friday, October 2nd ​

Morning Shift- 9am-12pm

Afternoon Shift- 12pm-4pm

Saturday, October 3rd

Morning Shift- 9am-12pm


Friday October 9th

Morning Shift-9am - 12pm

Afternoon Shift- 12pm-4pm

Saturday, October 17th 

Morning Shift- 9am-12pm

Friday October 23rd

Morning Shift- 9am-12pm

Friday November 6th

Morning Shift- 9am-12pm

Afternoon Shift- 12pm- 4pm


The Warehouse Lead Volunteer will help to supervise volunteers working on each project. They will spend time giving instructions and making sure tasks are done correclt.y They will also help to coordinate logistics for items that will be donated. 

Requirements- Skilled in painting, refurnishing items, breaking down items, inventory and organization. 

The Warehouse Lead must commit to a minimum of one shift a week, from Oct 2nd to Nov. 6th.

Inventory &

Inventory and Oranization Volunteer Group will be in charge of creating Rebuilding Togethers of a digital inventory of items. Tasks will include inventory, testing items and equitpemt, flagging broken items, organizing items, and grouping items into donate, keep, and throw away. Volunteers in charge of this project must be proficient in Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets. The digital inventory created by these volunteers will be an extremely important tool for internal use by the Rebuilding Together staff and future volunteers!

Restoring &

Volunteers in charge of restoring and refinishing items should be ready to get a little dirty! Responsabilites will include painting, sanding, wood stain, and similar tasks. Volunteers will also be in charge of light cleaning. 



The Breakdown Crew will be responablity for breaking down items like cabinets, shelves, and office cubes. Thisis a skilled labor task and prior knowledge and heavy lifting will be required! 

Volunteer Roles

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