Social Distance

Socially Distanced Volunteer Opportunites 



The Community Outreach Volunteer Project is an in-person project that requires you to spend time in the Rebuilding Together office and visit different businesses in our community. Your job as a Community Outreach Volunteer is to spread the Rebuild Spirit to members of our community and drop off reading materials to help get the word out about Rebuilding Together and what we do. This is a great project to complete as a pair, and we encourage you to bring a friend along! Volunteers will meet at the Rebuilding Together Office to create an outreach plan by setting a goal of the number of businesses they want to visit and creating a list of those places. We recommend visiting local coffee shops, local restaurants, churches, local businesses, or community centers. The volunteer will be given printed materials to take with them to the places they are going to visit. Volunteers will also be given a spreadsheet that they will fill out by hand to record their visits and the people they meet. Volunteers are required to dedicate a minimum of 3 hours to this project, wear PPE, and maintain a social distance of 6-feet when encountering others. As a Community Outreach Volunteer, you will be representing Rebuilding Together. For those who are unfamiliar with the Rebuilding Together organization, the Community Outreach Volunteer will be the first Rebuilder they meet! We ask that Community Outreach Volunteers become as familiar as possible with Rebuilding Together, and what we do so they can answer any questions a future Rebuilder may have.


  • Outgoing personality  

  • Owns or access to a vehicle with a valid driver’s license 

  • Knowledge of Rebuilding Together 

  • Knowledge of the Central Florida Community 

  • Ability to wear PPE for long periods of time and maintain a social distance of 6 feet from others

  • Desire to spread the Rebuild Spirit!  


  • Creating an outreach plan 

  • Gathering and distributing reading materials  

  • Introducing Rebuilding Together to members of the Central Florida Community 

  • Documenting places visited

  • Spreading the Rebuild Spirit   

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