Image by Andre Furtado

Skilled Volunteer Opportunites 

Video & Photography

The Video and Photography Volunteer is a skilled in-person volunteer position. As a video and photography volunteer, you will accompany Rebuilding Together to Rebuild Project sites to capture and document photos and videos of the work we do, and record interviews with homeowners, partners, and volunteers. The video and photography Volunteer will be asked to edit the videos and pictures, using their own editing software. Volunteers can commit to one project or commit to volunteer for a length of time. Volunteers who participate in this project will have the option to become a Video and Photography Rebuild Leader.  As a Rebuild Leader, you will help to create Rebuilding Together campaign videos, and work closely with members of our community, partners, volunteers, and staff. Rebuild Leaders will have the freedom to create content that highlights the issues of affordable housing, substandard housing, and other social justice issues.  


  • 3+ years of video and photography experience  

  • Equipment 

  • Editing Software 

  • Eye for detail  

  • Creative 

  • Outgoing

  • Experience in script writing

  • Desire to spread awareness by highlighting social issues

  • Volunteers will be asked to submit a few pieces of their work or a portfolio.


  • Documenting Rebuilds 

  • Recording Interviews 

  • Editing 

  • Spirit writing if applicable

  • Creating b-roll for future use

  • Creating unique content that showcases Rebuilding Together and its impact. 


To apply for the Video & Photography Volunteer Position, please email Include an attachment of your resume, and a short paragraph about yourself and why you are interested in the position.


(407) 898-3777