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Skilled Volunteer Opportunites 

Google Ads Specialist

The Google Ads Specialist Volunteer position is a skilled  volunteer position and requires a minumin amount of  professional  expereience experience that you will find listed below.  The Ads Specialist will help to create ad copy and target audiences through Google Ads SMART campaign. They will also help to create look alike audiences, tracking, and other related tasks like negative key word development, remarketing campaigns, and SEO copy. The Google Ad’s specialist will be given a budget to work with, that will align with the amount of work/campaigns the volunteer is hoping to create. As well as creating the ads and campaigns on google, volunteers will be asked to develop the campaigns using a shared spreadsheet through google sheets, where the copy will be reviewed and approved before the campaigns are published. The Google Ads Specialist is a virtual volunteer  position that requires a dedicated amount of time that will be measured by weeks, ie. As a volunteer I can commit to completing as much for as possible by dedicating 10 hours a week for 3 weeks, or by a goal number of campaigns or work the volunteer can commit too. Ie. I can commit to building 10 different ad campaigns completed with negative keywork development.  Ads specialists will be asked to meet and share updates over zoom/by phone on a weekly basis.  


  • Computer 

  • Internet Connection 

  • Gmail account 

  • 2-3 years online digital marketing experience required. 

  • Demonstrated Google Advertising experience required. 

  • Experience with SEO required. 

  • Google Ads Certified required. 

  • Google Analytics Certified required. 

  • Strong understanding of audience and market dynamics and requirements. 

  • Ability to work well with a team 

  • Strong interest in bettering your community 

  • Ability to work without supervision 

  • Experience with non-profits a plus. 


  • Google ads copy  

  • Search term analysis (Keyword farming, Negative keyword list development), 

  • Setup and review of a/b testing (Ad outcomes to increase quality score, Landing page outcome to increase conversions), 

  • Search campaign development, 

  • SEO 

  • Audience development  

  • Targeted campaigns 

  • Remarketing campaign development 


To apply for the Google Ads Specialist Volunteer Position, please email Include an attachment of your resume, and a short paragraph about yourself and why you are interested in the position.


(407) 898-3777