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Let's Raise the Roof for
"Raise the Roof"! 

Why are roof repairs so important?

Roofs are the outer layer of our home made to protect all the good stuff on the inside, including our families.

What does a roof repair cost?

On average a roof replacement in Orlando, FL is $9,646 but can range anywhere from $6,900 to $12,500.

How do roofs affect the health and safety of a home?

Roof damage can lead to serious safety concerns for the home, and health hazards for the families that live in them. Leaks can lead to mold or rotting wood that compromises the structure of the home.

Ms.Bettye’s home was passed down to her from her parents, she has lived in her home for decades. Her family’s history is etched into its walls. The home is a place of gathering for friends and family celebrations. When her roof began leaking a few years ago, Ms. Bettye knew she had to act quickly to prevent further damage and health issues, but the roof was too much to afford on her own at the time. All around her family’s home was filled with buckets, on nightstands, under coffee tables, to collect the rainwater that dripped from the ceiling every time it rained. Pictured above is Ms.Bettye's home before receiving a free roof replacement from Raise the Roof.

Raise a Roof for Raise the Roof

Help neighbors like Ms.Bettye by making a one time donation to RTCFL's "Raise the Roof" Program, or make a monthly donation and become a [Re]Build Insider!

RTCFL's Raise the Roof program provides FREE roof repairs and replacements.

Our communities THRIVE when we help our neighbors [Re]Build.

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