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American Trucks Gives Back

American Trucks is a company that loves what they do. Recognizing the important role trucks play for nonprofit organizations they launched the Positive Payload Program.

What is the Positive Payload Program?

The Positive Payload Program is designed to benefit non-profit charitable organizations that use and rely on pickup trucks and pickup truck accessories to better their community. Anyone who works with or volunteers for a charity that uses Ford F-150s, Chevrolet Silverados, GMC Sierras, or Dodge Rams is welcome to apply for a $200 donation to the charity they are involved with. Finally, each year one of the previous winners of the $200 donation will be eligible for an annual award of an additional $2,000.

Why We Love the Positive Payload Program

American Trucks reached out to Rebuilding Together of Central Florida inviting them to apply for the Positive Payload Program. "What role do trucks play in your mission?" they asked.

Rebuilding Together of Central Florida provides free critical home repair to neighbors in Orange, and Seminole County, Florida. We use our truck to bring supplies and materials to and from build sites. Our truck plays a major role in builds, and volunteer days, and is a critical component of our work.

Listed on the Positive Payload webpage are nonprofits that applied for the Positive Payload Program and their missions. Like Rebuilding Together of Central Florida, trucks play a critical part in their organizations as well.

American Trucks Positive Payload Program is a creative way to give back and make a difference. Thank you American Trucks for supporting Rebuilding Together of Central Florida!

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