Central Florida Company Gives Back During The Pandemic

Nonprofit organizations do so much to help the communities that we are all a part of, but they can't do it alone. Volunteers, supporters, and partners are the backbone of nonprofits. With their help, nonprofits are able to spread and complete their missions. Giving back can mean so much more than just donating money, it could mean community involvement, participating in events, and much more. Most people really enjoy the intangible benefit of giving back. It's a great feeling of satisfaction to know your efforts are helping to make your community a better place. But what makes companies want to give back? Is it the same reason that we as individuals volunteer? Rebuilding Together of Central Florida interviewed one of our partner companies, Dulakis Paniting. Dulakis Painting, owned by Chris Dulakis, helped out on one of our most recent home repair projects. Not only did he and his team paint the entire interior of the home, but they also led our volunteer team in painting. Here is what they had to say about their experience giving back to the community.

Tell us about Dulakis Painting.

Dulakis Painting is a commercial painting company in Central Florida serving Florida businesses, Property Managers, and residents since 1991 in many facets of building and facility needs. Our mission statement is our commitment and implementation of superior customer service, quality craftsmanship, reliability, and punctuality, with the core intent of establishing long-term business relationships with our clients. Our company’s golden rule is that we will always say “yes” to offering our clients the professionalism required to get the project done, with whatever resources are necessary to comply with the client’s vision.

What made you want to open the business?

I got burned by a contractor for money, so why work for someone else again and therefore started my own business in 1993.

How and when did you first get involved with RTCF? What was your first impression?

I first got involved by way of an introduction at a BOMA event and my first impression was I wanted to help.

What ultimately made you decide to donate and discount services for our homeowners?

I saw an opportunity where I could help, and I just went forward with that insight.

What do you find most challenging?

Because I wanted to help, and my company is able to help in this line of work, there isn’t much of a challenge in accomplishing what needs to be done for you.

Can you share your experience of what it was like to when you first started a home repair project to the end of the project?

It was an eye-opening experience in that seeing up close and firsthand, how people endure hardships and how appreciative they are that strangers are willing to spend a day helping!

How did it make you feel when the work was complete?

It always feels good to help people when you can.

As you know Rebuilding Together of Central Florida has a mission to repair homes, revitalize communities and rebuild lives. We are an advocate for affordable housing, safe and healthy housing, and community revitalization.

What’s your personal philosophy on what should be done about the lack of affordable housing in Central Florida or the lack of safe and healthy homes.

My personal philosophy doesn’t matter. What matters is that people need affordable housing and safe and healthy homes and if we can help by coming into neighborhoods that are distressed, we will hopefully inspire the homeowners in a positive way, to live in a safe and healthier environment. As for affordability, we’re all in the same boat!

What about neighbors in need, not being able to afford critical home repairs that allow them to live a better quality of life.

We like to donate materials and overstock to neighbors/people in need and therefore this will help bring the costs down by donating these things at a discounted rate.

What motivates you to stay involved?

Our core belief is to help when we can!

There are so many families who need help with home repairs in Central Florida. Rebuilding Together of Central Florida, and its partners help these families repair their houses, and turn them into safe and healthy homes. Having a safe and healthy home is more important than ever. Having a safe place to shelter in place in of the utmost importance during this pandemic. If you want to learn more about Dulakis Painting, visit their website, www.dulakispainting.com. If you are a homeowner in need, or interested in learning how you can make your home safe and healthy, visit Rebuilding Together of Central Florida. or follow us on Facebook for tips and tricks on a safe and healthy home. If you are a company interested in giving back to our community, click here.

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