6 Steps to Prevent A Fall

Every 11 seconds, a senior is seen in the emergency room due to a fall-related accident. Falling is not a normal part of aging! Often times falls can be prevented by following a few simple steps. Stay safe, healthy, and fall-free by reading the tips below!

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6 Steps to Prevent a Fall- Infographics
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Build Your Balance

Find an exercise regimen that works for you to build your balance, strength, and flexibility. Practice at home, or find a program by contacting your local aging agency.

Talk to Your Doctor

Share your medical history. Ask your doctor for a fall risk assessment, and talk about ways you can prevent it.

Review Your Medications

Regularly review your medications and side effects with your doctor or pharmacist. Make sure the side effects you are experiencing does not increase your risk of falling. Only take medications as prescribed.

Check Your Eyes and Ears

Annually get your vision and hearing tested. Update glasses, or hearing devices regularly. Eyes and ears are critical to prevent slips and falls.

Keep Your Home Safe

Keep your home lit and pathways clear. Remove any trip hazards. Install grab bars, and make your stairways safe. Small modifications like installing nightlights and grab bars, or removing unsecured rugs, can keep you safe and steady.

Talk To Your Family

Falls are not just a senior issue. Get your family involved and lean on them for support. Work together to take simple steps to keep you safe and healthy.

This information was sourced through The National Council on Aging. Learn more by visiting www.NCOA.org.

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