25 Safe and Healthy Housing Priorities Checklist

Updated: May 7

At Rebuilding Together of Central Florida, our Safe and Healthy Housing practice model is the foundation of our home repair and modification work. RTCF seeks to advance health equity and improve quality of life for neighbors in need by repairing their houses, and turning them into safe and healthy homes. Through a collaboration with The National Center for Healthy Housing, Rebuilding Together developed a set of 360 specs for common home repairs based on the Eight Principles of Healthy Homes. Our Safe and Healthy Housing Priority Checklist includes a 25-point framework that targets significant health and safety hazards in homes. Rebuilding Together uses this checklist as a tool to complete comprehensive in-home assessments and set repair objectives based on each homeowner’s special needs and health status. We believe these priorities are what makes a house a safe and healthy home. Review this checklist, and compare it with your home. Is your home safe and healthy? What work can be done to make sure you and your family are living in a safe and healthy home? Rebuilding Together of Central Florida has a mission to repair homes, revitalize communities, and rebuild lives. Our vision is for every family in Central Florida to live in a safe and healthy home. Help us spread our mission by sharing this checklist with your family and friends to make sure they are living in a safe and healthy home too!

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