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Misson Ambassadors

Mission Ambassadors are serious agents of change who want to make a difference in our community. Their values and beliefs strongly align with the Rebuilding Together mission to repair homes, revitalize communities, and rebuild lives. Their responsibility is to share our mission and spread the [re]build spirit throughout neighborhoods in Central Florida. Their efforts help to build a network of neighbors helping neighbors to revitalize our community, and rebuild lives. 

Hands Together
Hands Together

Who Are 

Mission Ambassadors

The Rebuild Mission Ambassador Program gives those who want to make a change the power to rebuild. With the freedom to engage their local community on their own terms, Mission Ambassadors are provided with the tools, ideas, and structure they need to succeed. Ambassadors are given the opportunity to organize, execute, and manage their very own volunteer projects. Rebuilding Together provides step by step instructions on how to complete each project, and gives the Ambassador any tools they may need to complete the project so each project can achieve its maximum impact. Project examples are supply drives or community clean-ups.  While serving their community, Ambassadors will learn how to recruit and manage volunteers, marketing skills, project management, impact reporting, and more. 

" Our Rebuild Mission is more important than ever. Mission ambassadors are the key to change. They are the people who advocate for our neighbors in need." 


Nikki Aviles 
RTCFL Communications & Development

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How It Works

Sign up to become a Rebuild Mission Ambassador! Learn about Rebuilding Together by clicking around on our website, or following us on social media. 

A Rebuilding Together staff member will reach out to you and welcome you to the team! They will explain what it means to be a mission ambassador, and how your efforts are making a difference in our community.

Mission Ambassadors receive personalized ambassador kits equipped with everything needed to start spreading the rebuild mission!  

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