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About Rebuilding Together

Not all heroes wear capes. At Rebuilding Together of Central Florida, they wear hardhats. Rebuilding Together of Central Florida is a nonprofit organization that has a mission to repair homes, revitalize communities, and rebuild lives. We are known for our volunteer projects, but much of what we do would not be possible without the help of skilled professionals. With a wealth of industry knowledge and a specialized set of skills, these heroes share their time, talent, and resources with Rebuilding Together to help repair the houses of Central Florida families in need, in to safe and healthy homes. 

Get Involved

 There are many different ways to give back. Some construction partners donate their time as House Captains and lead volunteer groups on project days, while others discount their professional services for bigger projects, or donate all of the time and materials needed to repair a home. Projects are tailored to the needs of the homeowner and range from exterior improvements to interior improvements, accessibility modifications, roof replacements, and everything in between.

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Volunteer your time as a House Captain. House Captains lead volunteer groups on build days giving instructions on the proper way to complete projects.

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Donate or discount skilled labor hours, or materials to help complete [Re]Build Projects. 

 Get Involved With Education

Create a curriculum on what you know best for Rebuilding Together's Education Program.

Chris Dulakis, Dulakis Painting

Rebuilding Together Partner

"What matters is that people need affordable housing and safe and healthy homes and if we can help by coming into neighborhoods that are distressed, we will hopefully inspire the homeowners in a positive way, to live in a safe and healthier environment." 

Joanna Klermont, Homeowner

Thanks to Rebuilding Together, I have peace of mind. My roof was leaking, every time it rained my heart sunk because I knew the buckets had to come out. I didn't know if I could stay in my home, or where I was going to go with my children if we had to leave. Because of what Rebuilding Together did for me and my family, our home is safe and I raise my children in a place that means so much to me...


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Be the first to know about upcoming projects and bid opprotunities.


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